Thursday, June 14, 2012

Flirty Aprons Irregular sale

Have you ever heard of Flirty Aprons?  Well they have the cutest aprons!

Being a mom, sometimes I don’t get all dressed up and don’t do my hair.  But the days that I do get dressed and actually do myself up, I don’t like to get dirty again.  And when I cook, I get dirty!  So it’s awesome to have a super cute apron to have to protect my clothes.  PLUS, when my husband gets home from work and I’m cooking dinner, I can look good for him wearing this super cute apron!!  :)
I got the cocoa lime apron because I absolutely love the colors, the polka dots and the stripes.  When I saw it, it just screamed my name!!
They have so many super cute aprons though and I bet that you could find one that screams your name!

Don't you just love the fun different styles?

Right now they are having a huge sale on all their irregular aprons.  I know you're thinking that there might be something missing or a huge hole.  But these aprons have minimal defects that are hard to notice, like a minor print flaw or had to be restitched.  They are up 81% off and they are while supplies last (and they won't last very long)!  Go check out the sale here!



sashkonela said...

Wow! I would wear them as a dress (with a t shirt below, ofc):)

Tanya@takesix said...

There are only four left...hurry!!! :)

Michelle said...

Thanks, Kaysi! I ordered matching aprons for my daughter and me. She'll be so surprised!