Saturday, June 23, 2012

KSL blogger meetup

This week I was lucky to go behind the scenes of KSL!!  Seriously, I was giddy the whole time.  It was just so cool. There were 40 different bloggers there and we met the KSL anchor team.  They are all so nice and really easy to talk to, it was awesome!!  Then we all took turns reading a script and making a video, it was scary and I was horrible at it, but it was fun!  And an awesome experience!! 
Here’s my partner Krista, she was a natural!
100_0799 (2)
So I’m not a good reader and I tend to mess up words when I get nervous.  So at one point, the words were going up on the monitor and I wasn’t quite there yet and so I was trying really hard to caught up, but it wasn’t pretty.  I don’t think they are going to hire me…. Smile.   If you want a good laugh, you can watch the video here.
Nadine Wimmer is just awesome, she was so great to talk to!!
And I just adore Brooke Walker from Studio 5
Karina, Leanne and me all had a blast!!
After we did out little news segment, we headed over to the radio part of the studio and got to be on the radio with Alex and Ethan of NightSide.  I have always wanted to be on the radio, so I was super excited about it!  My husband recorded the segment, but I have no clue how to get it online.
100_0807 (2)
I finally got to meet Isabelle, a blogger that started about the same time as me and we would leave lots of comments on each other’s blogs.  It’s awesome fun to meet people in real life!!!  100_0809
It was such a fantastic night!!!  I loved every minute of it!


Scrappy Gifts said...

So cool and fun! I really need to live in Utah for some blogger meet ups! said...

I am all about rejoicing with those who rejoice! How fun and congrats. The first time I was on TV for an interview I leaned more on the serious side so I wished that I would have smiled more. Looks like you had that down from all your pics!