Tuesday, June 19, 2012

LifeStyle Crafts It Kits and Alphabets

I am always amazed by how many fun dies LifeStyle Crafts has.  There are a ton!! 
They have some dies called It Kits, they are a bunch of them in the kit.  But the super cool thing about them, you get the dies for the Epic Six, but you also get them digitally and you can use them with your digital cutters!  Pretty cool, huh? 
label it die (5)
They also have some awesome alphabet dies
alphabet die (1)
I have used my Epic Six to cut card stock and fabric, but this time I wanted to cut some vinyl with it!
I got the awesome set of Label It label it kit
These are get to help me organize my craft room.  I don’t always keep things in the same place, so I decided to use some chalkboard vinyl. 
label it die (1)
I put the vinyl facing down onto the die and put it into the machine.
label it die (2)
Here are some of the fun shapes I used, it was so easy and quick to cut out the vinyl, I was impressed!
label it die (3)
Now all I had to do was stick the vinyl onto the container and write on it!
label it die (5)
For the Alphabet die, I used the super cute font lollipop! 
I decided that I wanted to take a little wooden tag and decorate it so I can hang it from a little bag or something. 
alphabet die (2)
I took some scrap vinyl and put it onto the die and cut the whole alphabet.
alphabet die (3)
I decorated the tag with washi tape and then placed the word thanks onto it.  Super easy and I think it will look super cute hanging off of a bag!
alphabet die (1)

Aren’t these dies fun?  You can always get 20% of your entire purchase when you use the code SIMPLE!!  So go check out LifeStyle Crafts today!


Motivated Mommy of two said...

Where did you get the shapes that put on top of the chalkboard paper?