Friday, June 29, 2012

Velata: Fun Fondue Review

I’m a big fan of chocolate.  I just love it!  Sometimes I have chocolate for lunch.  I’m also a huge fan of fondue!  Chocolate just makes everything taste better!!
Velata is a new line of fondue warmers.  They are super fun and stylish!!  They have a variety to choose from:
The warmers work really well, plus they have a low, medium and high setting so you can choose how warm you want your chocolate to be! 

Plus, they have some ah-maz-ing chocolate to go with it!
I got to try out the key lime pedestal warmer and the caramel milk chocolate! 
velata (1)
The chocolate was so creamy and delicious!!  I could have stuck my finger in it and just eaten it plain (I may have or may not have done that…..)
velata (2)
It was delicious on the fruit that we had.  My kids got a kick out of being able to use the awesome forks and dip their fruit in the chocolate!
velata (3)
Looks super yummy, huh?  Well it was!!
velata (4)
I just loved the fun color of the warmer and that I didn’t have to worry about my kids being around an open flame or warm stove to dip the chocolate in.  I loved that it kept the chocolate warm and creamy the whole time that we were eating it!  I was so impressed by how good the chocolate was too!  I can’t wait for my next party so I can whip out my awesome  Velata warmer and have it be the centerpiece of the table!