Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Match Box Die

Don’t you just love a little cute box to put things in?  I do!!  There’s just something about little miniature things that I just love!!
Well LifeStyle Crafts has the cutest matchbox die!!  It’s awesome and the possibilities with it is endless!
matchbox die (1)
It’s super easy and quick to make!  I just took the dies, some card stocks and my trusty Epic Six.
matchbox die (2)
I cut out the dies.
matchbox die (3)
Folded them and glued them together. 
matchbox die (4)
And then decorated them with some washi tape and filled it with goldfish (because my kids have had enough candy this summer….). 
matchbox die (1)
Super cute huh?  I think so!!
All dies and machines are 20% off when you used coupon code SIMPLE!!  So go find some stuff at LifeStyle Crafts today!