Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Polka Dots Chair

I love polka dots, they are so much fun!!  I love being able to use vinyl for polka dots.  It's super easy and quick and inexpensive.  It's a great way to transform something to plain and make it fabulous!!

Today I am going to show you had I transformed this fun and bright chair.
I got these awesome chairs at a garage sale!  I love the look of them, just not the color. 
The first thing I did was take off the seat.  Then I scrubbed it, sanded it and got it ready for painting.  
I decided to go with a bright yellow!!  It's so fun and cheery and will be a perfect color for my kitchen.  I spray painted it and let it dry.  
As the paint was drying, I cut out the polka dots. Using the circle tool, I made lots of 3/4" circles in Silhouette Studio.
Then I cut it out of the indoor white vinyl.  I totally could have used the outdoor and made it an outdoor chair too!
Just by using my hands, I started placing the polka dots all over the chair.  I was very random when placing them.
Once I placed them everyone, I sprayed it with a clear acrylic glaze, so the dots wouldn't fall off when we move it.
I screwed the seat back onto the chair.  Isn't it so fun now?  I love it!
The back is awesome too!
I'm in love with the polka dots!



Terri @ A Creative Princess said...

Kaysi, that chair is so darn cute!! I love it!

Kelley said...

I LOVE LOVE your polka dot chair , the Yellow is just perfect . Thanks for sharing Kelley

Sandy said...

Those are the coolest chairs, I love them! The bright yellow color and the polka dots just really add to them, too!

Karyn said...

Holy Cute!!! Great job.

Vanessa Barker said...

Have I mentioned that I'm SOOOOOOOOO jealous?!?!

Annie said...

They are so cute! Love those chairs!

Michelle@ Learning to Be a Mom said...

So cute. I love polka dots too! I love how you can see something and imagine it's potential. I'm still working on that.

Claire @ a little something in the meantime . . . said...

This is adorable! I really need a yellow chair in my house because I love every yellow wooden chair that I see :)

I've used my Silhouette to cut polka dots to decorate a bowl for some seasonal mantel decor. How did I get by without it?

Olga@Stardust-Decor&Style said...

So much more interesting now! Love the color you chose and the polka dots!

Chelsea Green said...

Wow! This is way too cute! My current dining room chairs came from a thrift store and I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to spend money on new furniture. Thanks to your makeover idea, I won’t have to squander my paycheck from Dish on a new set of chairs! Hooray! I was just pining over some boutique chairs I saw on HGTV the other day that looked almost exactly like these. I have a terrible habit of recording almost everything on HGTV and the DIY network to my Hopper DVR, since it makes me want to mimic everything they show! Who knew having a ton of recording space could backfire on me? LOL! I can’t wait to add this to my list of DIY projects. These chairs are sure to make any room happy!