Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Business Card Holder

This project was a total fail, when I first made it.  I made it to use for my phone for running and then the magnets were supposed to hold it onto my pants.  Well it didn’t work, so I ended up making this for my phone. 
It still was a cute little pouch, just didn’t work for my phone.  So I decided to put my business cards in it and it worked perfectly!!  So the fail turned into something good!

business card holder (1)
Here’s how I made it
I took some cute fabric from Hobby Lobby (I love all the new designs they are getting in!).  I cut four pieces, two were 6x7 inches, that will be the back and the flap.  And then two pieces 6x4 inches for the front.
business card holder (4)
I put the front facing each other and then sewed three of the four sides together. 
business card holder (5)
Now for the magnet.  I put it onto the front piece and marked where I need to sew the fabric.  I just sewed the three sides. 
business card holder (6)
Then I put the magnet into the hole and sewed the fourth side. 
business card holder (7)
I did the same thing for the bigger piece, matching the magnet up with the other magnet to see where I needed to put it.  I place the magnet into the one side of the fabric that I didn’t sew up when I put the two pieces together. 
business card holder (8)
Once the magnets were in, I sewed up the fourth side.
business card holder (9)
I then put the two pieces together, putting the fabric I wanted on the outside facing each other and then sewed the bottom and the two sides. 
business card holder (10)
I flipped it inside out and then put my business cards into it.
business card holder (1)

And of course I had to have some ruffles onto it.  I just glued those on with a glue gun!business card holder (2)


Christy said...

I just made my first business card holder this week, too! I should have added ruffles, though. haha Cute!

Danielle said...

Cute! There's that hobby lobby fabric!

Just watched your KSL video. You are so awesome! You're famous! You looked great and did a great job too :)