Thursday, August 30, 2012

Guest Post: Our Thirty Ideas

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My name is Vanessa and I am stopping over from Our Thrifty Ideas. I am so excited to be here posting at Keeping It Simple. But this is completely bitter sweet. I have become close with Kaysi while she was living in Utah. So I am sad to see her go.

But so she can get her craft/home d├ęcor on, I will be sharing this quick and easy bow holder with you guys today.

Our Thrifty Ideas - DIY Bow Holder
I recently realized that I needed some sort of organization for my daughter’s hair clips. They were kinda out of control, and I felt as if they might be multiplying during the night!

Overtaken by bows

We just had them all sitting in a bucket, and to find the one I wanted to put in her hair, I would have to dig in, pull them all out, and make a huge mess.

Our Thrifty Ideas -DIY Bow Holder

One day I came across this orange frame that we had used as a prop at my daughter’s first birthday party. I knew that it would be perfect, because the color already matched the color scheme of her bedding, and I wanted to hang this up above her crib.

Our Thrifty Ideas- DIY Bow Holder
So all I did, was take coordinating ribbon, and hot glue it on one end, then cut it at the correct length, and hot glue it at the other.

Once the glue had cooled a bit, I then went back over it with a thick bead of hot glue, just to make sure it wouldn’t pull out from the weight added by the bows.

Our Thrifty Ideas  - DIY Bow Holder
When I was sure the glue was completely dry, I added the bows to it, and hung it on the wall! It’s perfect for holding her bows, as well as the smaller clippies that always get lost because they never had a home!

Thank you so much for letting me stop by today. I’d love for you to follow along with my blog as well as my social medias. 

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