Friday, August 31, 2012

My Mailbox

Well we have been out here in the middle of no where for over a week now.  I have been slowly getting things to the way that I like.  One thing that I felt like need a little help was our mailbox.  It just needed a little bit of love, so I decided to take Silhouette awesome premium vinyl (because that stuff is amazing and will stay put even in horrible weather). 
So here is the before:
mailbox vinyl (2)
And here is the after.  And I love the color on it Smile
mailbox vinyl (1)
Funny thing, my mailbox happens to be 1/4 of a mile away from my house.  So if I even want to get the mail, I drive to the mailbox because I’m lazy.  This picture also gives you an idea of what it looks like around here. 


Christy said...

I think I may be totally jealous of all that open, and empty peacfull land you have there. Heaven!

Curt said...

please indulge me while brag about mylate mother. up until she was 80 yo she walked both directions to my parent's mailbox that was also 1/4 miles from the house. it had a fairly steep hill about 1/4 way down and unfortunately that was the climb back home. She was probably the most fit 80 yo except for those muscle builders of course. My father decided that she should not continue to do this when she developed multiple myeloma. What a lady !!