Saturday, September 1, 2012

A little glimpse: First week on the ranch

Happy Saturday everyone!  Well we made it to Nebraska and have been here for a little more than a week.  It’s been going well and we are adjusting to the new lifestyle.  It’s not going to be easy getting used to being so far away from everything though.  Monday I spent the morning in the closest town (45 minutes away) to go grocery shopping.  It took all morning and the grocery store didn’t have everything that I needed, so I had to make due without.  I have been spending lots of time painting and decorating the house.  I will share with you what I have been doing in the next couple of weeks.
Here are a few pictures of our first week here:
Here is the view of our back yard and drive way. 
And here is a view of our front yard.
We have lots of wide open space, the only problem is…. these dumb things!  Stickers, goat heads or whatever they are called (they call them something, I just don’t remember).  They are all over our lawn and so they get stuick on our shoes and then into our house.  I step on them at least 5 times a day.  We are starting to get them under control but boy are they annoying!
There are lots of pretty flowers around our house, so my boys picked some and put them in water and put them on a window seal. 
My two oldest boys started school this week!  2nd grade and kindergarten!  They get to ride a bus and it’s about 20 minutes away.  They leave at 7:15 am and get home at 3:50pm.  It’s a long day for them but they both seem to love it!  They are happy in the morning and don’t complain about going, so that is good.
Things are going well so far.  I have been pretty lonely here.  I think that happens with every place you move, it takes time to adjust and make friends.  Hopefully soon we will be settled down and can enjoy our new life on the ranch.


Emily said...

wow, you are in the middle of no-where! I will be praying for your adjustment. Can't wait to see photos of your new place and all that you have been doing to it!

Veronica and Daniel said...

WOW! It must be so quite out there! My dad grew up in Nebraska and when we go back for family reunions I am always amazed at how quite it is...What a beautiful view :)

Kiley said...

They're called sandburs and they are miserable. I can't wait to see all your projects.

nsolady said...

I retired and moved to the beach about a year and a half ago. I too felt deserted. I took to making our home cozy and then found the only outlet for my creativity here, the goodwill. I have made many friends and aquaintences there. I am about 30 minutes to a larger city that has better grocery stores and even a Walmart. I hope your transition goes as well for you. Consider this your nesting period then spread your wings and make some friends. Cheryl

Karah @ thespacebetweenblog said...

Wow!! Your views are amazing. How peaceful.

But I can definitely hear you about finding your new routine and getting settled. My husband and I move every few years and I have consistently gotten 'better' at it. It is something that takes time and effort. Hopefully you find new friends and hobbies to keep you inspired soon. :) Let me know if you ever need an e-friend. :)

Oh, and I can totally relate to the grocery shopping, we live on an island right now and to say the grocery store stock is inconsistent is an understatement. It's like a fun game to see what they're going to have this week. lol

Brook said...

I grew up in Nebraska, but not in as remote of an area as you live in. Several of my dorm mates were from your part of the country, but the closest one now probably lives in Broken Bow or Kearney. Enjoy the nice weather as winter will be upon you soon!