Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Little Glimpse

Happy Saturday everyone!  What are you up to today?  I think we are going to tackle the room that has all of the random boxes that we didn’t know where to put stuff.  Wish us luck!
Things are finally starting to slow down.  After a summer of constantly going non stop, it’s not to have a little break and not feel like I have to do anything or go anywhere.   It’s nice to get back to the routine of just having to watch the kids and clean the house in the days.
Here are a couple of pictures from the week:
We have some regular visitors that come almost every evening to mow our lawn.  When my husband snapped this picture, it was actually in the middle of the day.
photo (29)
We even have a couple of bucks come and enjoy our lawn. 
photo (30)
This little girl turned 22 months this week.  She is getting close to 2 (although she is already acting like a 2 year old with her laying on the floor tantrums).  She has discovered how to open doors and the fridge, so she is into everything!  She loves to get into the fridge or pantry and grab a snack every 10 minutes or so…
22 months 9-11 (41)
I hop that everyone is having  a wonderful and relaxing Saturday!  I think ours is going to be filled with a little cleaning, a little unpacking and a little college football!


MommaChelle said...

ohh how fun to have deer in your yard, except they eat your trees and flowers haha! im new to your blog but it looks like utah?...and what a sweet little girl, my girls turned 2 in July, such a fun and cute age(sometimes hard).

MommaChelle said...

oops, as i read on i realized youre in Nebraska!