Thursday, September 6, 2012

Corelle dishware: Happy Days Square

Every time I move I like to get rid of things and then get some thing new.  I figure if I have a new adventure, I want some new things to go with it.  It’s also a way to help me with the move, to help me get more excited about it.  With this move I decided to change up the colors and décor of my kitchen.  So I decided to change up my dishes.  Ever since I was married I have only used Corelle dishware.  I absolutely love them!  My parents used them when I was growing up and I remember how durable they were when I accidentally dropped some.  So I knew that I needed to get some for when I had kids.
Corelle has such a great selection of plates. 
Corelle LeavesCorelle MemphisCorelle Bamboo LeafCorelle Shadow DanceCorelle TangoCorelle Harmony
These are the ones that I have had for years.  I saw them and they just screamed out my name.  I just love them!
Corelle<sup>®</sup> Livingware™ Squared 16-pc Set 
This time around, I wanted to try out their square plates.  So I looked though their selection and these screamed out my name!
Corelle<sup>®</sup> Square™ Happy Days 16-pc Set
They are called Happy Days and I just love the design and colors!
corelle dishware happy days (1)
One of my favorite things about the square plates is that the smaller plate is actually pretty big, perfect size for kids.  And the big plate is huge, so perfect for an adult.  So in the set, you really get 8 plates that are great for dinner!
corelle dishware happy days (2)
The mugs have such a fun shape with the more square top and bottom.
corelle dishware happy days (3)
The square bowls are bigger and wider than the circle ones.  Now I don’t have to get seconds when I have cereal in the morning.
corelle dishware happy days (4)
I think my most favorite thing about Corelle dishware (besides the fact that they are super durable) is the fact that they stack so well!  I can fit 12 of each of these into one side of my cabinet and only using two shelves!  No other dishware stacks as well!
corelle dishware happy days (6)
I’m so excited to invite someone over for dinner so I can serve them with my awesome new dishes!  Go check out Corelle, I’m sure you will find something that fits your style!

Disclosure: I was given the Happy Days Square set for this review.  I got to pick them out for my own style and taste.  All content and opinions are 100% my own.


Maria Elena said...

Beautiful dishes! I always have liked Corelle, like you said, they are very durable! I love your new set!

Joe and Cassie said...

Those are so cute!! It's definitely time for us to get new dishware ... I'll have to check it out! I love the square plates!

Mandy @ Sugar Bee Crafts said...

I love them!! but now we're not dish twins anymore :)

kendra kay said...

those are fun. i switched to plain white a few years back because i have a glass front on those kitchen cabinets but it would be good to keep a fun set on hand- corelle prices are really good too.

Brook said...

The Happy Days dishes are so pretty! When we got married almost 13 years ago, we got the Country Cottage set and I've been wanting to change them up. Like you, we had Corelle growing up and so did my husband. Once my mom was angry and threw a plate on he floor and then got even more angry because it didn't break! Good thing she rarely got angry. :)