Thursday, September 20, 2012

Feed Burner

Something is up with feed burner right now, because I have a big fat ZERO under readers.  Lots of people are having the same problem as me.  Another problem is that I have heard rumors that they might be shutting down feed burner for good and I don't know when or if it's actually true. So if you follow me only by email, PLEASE follow me some other way else because I don't want to lose you!  You can do GFC (but who knows how long that will last).  Or Facebook.  Or Twitter.  Or Pinterest.  

Have a great evening!



Ginger said...

I took my feedburner count off a long time ago...mine has always been off! :/

chall12702 said...

I follow via bloglovin. Don't worry! We always come back & figure out a new way to follow! Lol

Chance @ Designed by Chance said...

I use Bloglovin and really like it. They email me daily updates and it is super easy to use.

notyet100 said...

That's so sad :( even I see a big zero :(