Saturday, September 8, 2012

Glasses USA

I have bad eyes.  My parents have bad eyes.  Pretty much every. single. day. I wear glasses.  It’s very rare when I actually wear my contacts.  The only time I wear my glasses is when I go out or Sundays.  So this is what I normally look like on a regular basis.
I remember getting prescription eyeglasses when I was in 3rd grade. Back then I was excited about getting them.  I thought that these pink ones were awesome.  And I was so excited about getting them.  Can I just say wow?!  They are huge on my face and just awful.
This year we learned that my oldest son had to get eyeglasses.  His prescription isn’t that bad but it helps him see better at school. 
1stdayofschool8-27 (3)
Luckily there are online stores now like where you can actually get cute glasses for a good price.  Those pink glasses that I got were a good price, but they were lacking in the cuteness! 
Revere Stripes Taylor Gray MarbleColumbus GunmetalEight A22E Dark Blue w/Light Blue Eight 574A Black
They have a variety of styles, sizes and colors.  Plus they have a virtual mirror that helps you see what the glasses look on you.  You just add a photo and then you can see what the different glasses look like on you.  It’s pretty awesome!

If you're in the market for new glasses and want to order glasses online, then go check Glasses USA.  

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Lisset said...

I had neon green ones when I was in high school. They were awesome.