Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Painting I will Go!

One of the things that I was most excited about moving was being able to paint my new house and make it my own style and colors.  In our last house, we rented it and our landlord did even want me to put too many holes in the wall.  We are still renting but it’s a company house so we really don’t have landlords, so I’m going to be going crazy with the paint!  I decided to go to Lowes for my paint.  The closest one to me right now is in Cheyenne, WY so I picked up some paint as we were moving. 
lowes store
Several weeks before we moved, I picked up several paint samples.  It was really hard to decide on the colors, so I got lots and compared them to the décor that I was going be putting into each room.
When I got to the Cheyenne Lowes, I was very impressed by how many colors options they had.  There was a ton!  I went with the Valspar paint.  Did you know that if you get a color and don’t like it, then you can get another color and send in a rebate to get refunded for the new can of paint?  Awesome, huh?  Check out the details about the Love Your Color Guarantee here.

lowes paint store (14) lowes paint store (12)
lowes paint store (5)lowes paint store (4)
After lots of thinking and comparing, I finally decided on my colors.  The man at the paint counter was very helpful and he answered all of my questions.  I ended up going with Valspar Ultra, since it has the primer in it.  I also decided to go with satin, because I didn’t want too much of a gloss but also not flat.  It’s a good mix of the two!
lowes paint store (19)
I left Lowes just giddy.  We drove to Nebraska that day and within 24 hours I was painting (I told you I was excited!).  I ended up painting 5 different rooms in 2 days.  It was much easier to paint when I didn’t have to deal with our stuff being in the way.
Here are the before pictures:
Master Bedroom.  The walls were a very light off white.  A little too boring for my liking.
house before (6)
My two youngest kids’ room.  Although the pink is okay, my son and daughter are sharing the room.  There are only two walls painted.
house before (10)
My oldest two boys’ room.  I wanted a more fun color for them!
house before (11)
I decided to go with the Frog tape.  That stuff is awesome.  The second I started using it, I could just tell it was better quality.  The best part of it, it didn’t rip when taking it off after painting and I didn’t have little pieces of tapes left on the wall or baseboard (I hate it when that happens!).  I taped everything, including the ceiling.  It just looks better when you tape everything.  In the pink room, I ended up reusing the tape from the other bedrooms.  I used the paint from the ceilings because it was still flat and plenty sticky.  Plus I was running out of tape I really didn’t want to travel 2 hours to get some more.
lowes paint (4) lowes paint (5)
And now for the after pictures.  Once I get things decorated I will show you the whole room.  I LOVE how all of the colors turned out.
Master bedroom.  I used this color in the master bath and my craft room also.  It’s called Hazy Stratus 4004-1C.  I absolutely love the grey and it makes the room look so much better.
lowes paint (1)
My son and daughter’s room is a lime green!  I just wanted some thing fun for those two.  When I was painting it, I just had to leave and let it dry because I was really wondering about it.  But now it’s grown on me and I can’t wait to decorate they room with fun bright colors.  I used a green called Parsley Sprig 6008-8B
lowes paint (2)
And my two sons’ room.  Even when I was painting this room, I just loved the color!  It’s such a great turquoise and it covered the brown walls so well (it only took one coat!).  The name of it is Exotic Sea 5004-10B.
lowes paint (3)
I was very impressed with the Valspar paint from Lowes.  It went on really well.  The only room I had to put on more than one coat was in the green room, because of the dark pink and I didn’t use primer.  The satin finish was just prefect too.  I can’t wait to paint some more and start decorating the all of these rooms! 

Disclosure: Lowes provided me with paint.  I got to go pick out the colors and style of paint.  All content and opinions are 100% my own.


Suzanne said...

Colors really do make a difference. You made some great picks. We just built a house and I painted the living room/kithchen Exotic Sea. The color is really relaxing. I am also a huge fan of Valspar paint. After using different brands I have to say it is the best paint for all projects.

Artsy VaVa said...

I love Valspar paint. And, I'm so glad I don't have far to go to get it. My latest addiction is those little samples that you can get of every Valspar color! I use it to make my chalk paint. Have fun painting!

Kirstin @ Hello Kirsti said...

The colors look great! Good luck with getting settled!

Shannah @ Just Us Four said...

Great color choices! We used Valspar in our townhouse with great success. Some of the ones in our new house are Valspar too.

Staci said...

Wow. I wish I had your energy. I still have 3 more rooms and I have lost my mojo:(. Great colors. Love them!

Scrappy Gifts said...

Loving your color choices! I'm impressed with your energy as well!

Kelsey Poofy Cheeks said...

You go girl!! We moved and painted our entire house over the summer and OYE as much as I wanted to do it I.DON'T.WANT.TO.PAINT.AGAIN now!! LOL