Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Soda Stream

Anyone in your house have a little obsession with pop?  My husband does!  He LOVES Coke Zero.  Back in Utah, we would just run to the store just for Coke.  We can’t do that here, so I needed a better solution.  2 liter bottles are okay, but they end up going flat by the time he drinks it all.  Cans are great, but they are super expensive.  Then I saw the commercial for Soda Stream and was intrigued by it.  So much that I wanted to try one!
I liked the idea of being able to make it when you need it.  It’s make a liter at a time, a perfect size for my husband.  He drinks it before it goes flat.
soda stream (1)
There are several different syrups.  I was super excited to see that they had one for Coke Zero and diet Dr. Pepper, his two favorite drinks.  They have a ton of different kinds of syrups though, I was impressed by the variety.
soda stream (2)
It’s super easy to make it only takes a couple of minutes.  My kids love to help make the “bubbles”.  All you do is fill the bottle with water.
soda stream (3)
Screw it onto the machine and then press the buttons to carbonate it.  And then add the syrup.
soda stream (4)soda stream (8)soda stream (5)
And just like that you have a yummy drink!  My favorite so far has been the root beer, it tastes just like root beer and is super yummy!
soda stream (7) soda stream (10) 
Soda Stream is really awesome!  Sometimes we will make one real quick before dinner.  It’s nice to have it be fresh and nice and bubbly.  My kids just love it, but I think my husband likes in the most.  Several mornings he wakes me up with it because he’s making himself some Cola Free for work.  He also tells me that they did a great job getting the taste for it, it really tastes like Coke Zero and he would know since he drinks it every. single. day.  Smile

Disclosure: I was given the Soda Stream to review.  All content and opinions are 100% my own.


laxsupermom said...

I keep eye-ing those at Kohl's, but hadn't seen any reviews. It's good to know that they work so well. My husband loves soda, and I'd been considering one, too. Thanks for great review.

The Fischer Family said...

Good to know! I always wondered if they work like advertised! Are the syrups expensive! And can you tell me if they are all high fructose corn syrup? Seems to me they'd have to be but I don't know!