Friday, October 5, 2012

Spray Painted Turquoise Boots

After reading that title are you thinking that I’m crazy?  Well I am, but not because I spray painted some boots… hehe.  I am definitely daring when it comes to crafts. I really wanted some colorful boots and I’m too cheap to buy some.  So I went to my closet.  I have 6 pairs of boots, 2 black, 3 brown and 1 red.  So I took my least favorite brown ones (I got them from a garage sale for $1) and changed them up a little bit.
spray painted boots (6)
See here are the  boots before.  I like them, but not as much as my other ones, they are just cuter. 
spray painted boots (2)
I took some gloss spray paint and just went at them.  You know when you do that first spray and you think to yourself, “well I can’t undo it now”.  Yup, thought that with them.  But I love the color!
spray painted boots (3)
And here they are all painted.  I actually love how the there is a little brown left on the stitching, it gives it more character.
spray painted boots (4)
I wore them to church on Sunday and I loved it. 
spray painted boots (6)
Aren’t they so much fun?! 
spray painted boots (8)
Here are some mistakes I made.  I painted the zippers.  They still work fine, but it takes some effort to get them up and down.  I got paint in the inside.  I came home with blue paint on my legs and the paint would stick to my legs.  Other than that, they are great!  So when I paint other pair (yes I’m going to do this again, I’m thinking I need a grey pair!), I will tape over the zipper and by careful not to get paint inside.

Let's keep in touch!  


Maridith Fitts said...

I really like the concept and color, however, if I were you the next time I wouldn't paint the sole of the shoe. I do think it would look better black/brown. That is just me. Great job venturing on the wild side of spray paint!

Rhonda said...

Interesting. I think Maridith is right that you should have left a natural sole. Though, I still don't think I'd like it. They look like Halloween costume shoes and I actually thought this was a joke at first. :(

Terri said...

I've seen thIs done before and have always wondered how the paint holds up. Maybe in a month or two you could give us an update :-) I love the color.

Terri said...

I've seen thIs done before and have always wondered how the paint holds up. Maybe in a month or two you could give us an update :-) I love the color.

Nike@ChooseToThrive said...

Kaysi, you're a Rock Star!!! Spray painting boots is pure, delicious awesomeness. We miss your crafty ninjas skills.

Samantha said...

You can get them to stand up while painting with a rolled up magazine or newspaper and maybe some scrunched up newspaper in the top to stop the paint getting inside?

I store all my boots in the cupboard with rolled up magazines inside to get them to stand up nicely and look neat. Until I want to read that magazine and then they just have to flop til I've read it! x

Staci said...

Love this. Great idea.

Curt said...

good idea. i have done several prs thru the yrs. the latest pair waas not as successful as i previous year. SOO<my DIYer hsb went to the automotive store and got a spray for upholstery that included vinyls, leather and fabrics. I am so happy with the results.

Whit said...

question i spray painted some white heals pink for my halloween costume and was wondering if you sealed these at all or if they are just good after you paint them