Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Spray Painted Shoes

One day I found a bunch of cute flats on clearance for $4.  I ended up picking up 4 pairs (my shoes are all falling apart).  I love how these looked but didn’t love the color, so I decided to spray paint them.
spray painted shoes (1)
I first taped up the inside with card stock and painter’s tape.
spray painted shoes (2)
I then painted them black.  The glitter actually got covered with the paint, so I added my own black glitter and then sprayed it with an acrylic glaze. 
spray painted shoes (3)
I love how the black looks now!
spray painted shoes (4)
I did another pair yellow because I’ve been wanting a pair of yellow shoes for awhile.  This pair I didn’t spray with an acrylic glaze and I should have.  It just seals it.
yellow shoes
Both pair of shoes are holding up.  The black pair still looks great.  The yellow I need to do some touch ups and then spray with the glaze.  I still like it though and plan on doing more shoes! 

 I would love it if you follow along!


suzyq said...

I NEVER knew you could do that - and would have never thought of it - excellent idea and they look really cute!

Elaine Edwards said...

Oh those are cute! I have a pair that my ferret chewed up. Brand new in the box...cost me $60...never worn. I'm painting them. Do tell! Regular spray paint? What kind of sealer did you use?

Shannah @ Just Us Four said...

Love the new shoes! I like that you kept the glittery feel with the black ones too :)

Summer Rumsey said...

Those turned out so cute and love your haircut!!

Brittany Evans said...

Those are TOO CUTE! I LOVE the black ones!