Wednesday, December 5, 2012


November is always a really busy month for our family, we have two birthdays and Thanksgiving all within two weeks.  This year I have decided to not do huge birthday parties like I normally do.  I’m keeping things simple this year.  I still wanted to make both of my kids a fun shirt to wear on their special day.  Instead of putting “birthday boy” or “birthday girl” on the shirt, I have their age on it, so they can wear it for the full year and not just on their birthdays. 

Here is the one that I made for my daughter.  Girls are so much easier to make things for.  Whenever it just needs a little something, you can just add a flower to it. 
Tasyn bday 11-11 (82)
And of course I had to make her a matching bow!
Tasyn bday 11-11 (96)
And here is my son’s.  The “super cool” is glow in the dark heat transfer.   
Tyce birthday 11-30 (14)
Since I didn’t have a theme for his party, I didn’t know how to decorate the cake or cupcakes.  Plus I’m really bad when it comes to decorating cakes, so I decided to just make flags out of toothpicks, washi tape and vinyl.  I used the same font for the shirt and the flags.  
Tyce's party 12-1 (2)
Then I made a banner for the cake.  My son was so excited about it and I like how it turned out!
Tyce's party 12-1 (3)

Tyce's party 12-1 (4)

I would love it if you followed along.
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Mandy Beyeler said...

it's birthday time at our house too - - all 4 kids have fall birthdays within 5 weeks of each other - it's crazy!

Maci Nogueira said...

Congratulations for the kids!