Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Square Circle Christmas Skirt

I wanted to make a cute Christmas skirt for my little girl.  I came across this idea and I loved it, so I decided to make something similar to it. 
Christmas fam pics 12-16 (63)
This is just like the circle skirt, but instead of making the bottom circle, it’s square.  So for the measurements, you will need to measure the waist and then add 2 inches.  My little girl’s waist was 16+2=18.  That number is the circumference, and I need to find the radius.  So I took 18 and divided it by 6.28 and got 2.86, which I rounded it to 2 3/4”. Then for the length of the skirt, I measure to her knee, that was 10”.  I added that to my radius, 2 3/4” and got 12 3/4.  I double that number and that gave me 24 1/2 (I rounded up to 25) and that is the size I need to cut my square, 25”x25”.

So in a nutshell: Measure the waist, add two inches and then divide by 6.28 to get radius. Add the radius plus the length of the skirt.  Double that number to get the size of square you will need.

This is how I made the skirt:
I cut two pieces of fabric 25x”25”.
square circle Christmas skirt (1)
I then ironed and hemmed the edges.
square circle Christmas skirt (2)
I placed the two together, both front sides facing up.
square circle Christmas skirt (3)
Then I fold the two pieces in half and then in half again. 
square circle Christmas skirt (4)
I used my radius number and measured from the corner 2 3/4” inches.  I did that at all different angles. 
square circle Christmas skirt (5)
I drew a line and then cut the corner off at the line (mid way I decided to make it a little bigger, that’s why I wasn’t on the line). 
square circle Christmas skirt (6)
I opened up the fabric and then placed the top fabric to look like this.  Then I pinned the two together. 
square circle Christmas skirt (7)
I cut some elastic to 17” (an inch more than the waist, so I could sew it together) and then sewed it onto the circle of the skirt. 
square circle Christmas skirt (8)
And that’s it, super easy once you get the measurements down Smile.
square circle Christmas skirt (10)
And here is my cute girl in her Christmas skirt.  I love it!
Christmas fam pics 12-16 (56)

Christmas fam pics 12-16 (63)

I would love it if you followed along.


Susan said...

Absolutely adorable, the skirt and little girl! I'm trying to figure out if this will work for an adult, maybe using a waistband and inserting the elastic. I also think a knit will hang better on a grownup. Any ideas?

Kellie Barlow said...

So cute!!!!