Sunday, January 20, 2013

LEGO Video Playlist

With three little boys at home, we spend a lot of time playing with LEGOS.  Saying that we have an obsession with LEGOS is an understatement.  We love them!  I really love that they can sit there for hours and just build and build with them.  I also love that it gets them to get creative and create things!  I’m always a proud mama when I see the fun things that they come up with. 

I have a nephew that loves to makes LEGO® videos.  When my boys got to stay at his house, they soon became obsessed with making LEGO® videos.  They made some and watched them over and over again.  Then they discovered that they had LEGO® videos on YouTube.  They found ones that weren’t really kid approved, in my opinion.  When I found out that there is actually a channel made by LEGO® that has over 500 kid videos that are kid friendly, I was so excited.  Then I learned that you could make playlists on YouTube.  It just got better!   They could enjoy watching the videos and I didn’t have to worry about the content of what they were watching because I’m the one that put them into the playlist.  There are new videos everyday, so if they get bored of the playlist, I can just add more.  Plus my playlist is great for my kids, I pick out the videos that I know they will like. 

I’m pretty new to YouTube, I of course have watched videos on it (I don’t live under a rock) but I don’t do a ton on it.  So I was surprised at how easy it was to make a playlist.  I just signed in, made my own channel and then started watching the LEGO® videos.  If I liked it, I clicked on the “add to” button and put it into the playlist I wanted it to go to.  Super easy! 

LEGO YT - infographic 
My boys are really into the LEGO® City right now.  They love the idea of cops and robbers.  So I added a lot of the those videos onto my playlist.  They were fun to watch, even I enjoyed them.  I liked that there was action but the cop always got the bad guy in the end.  I like videos with a happy ending. 
I really liked that these little kid videos were only 1 to 5 minutes long.  It’s nice to let them watch something but it not be too long.  My kids’ attention spans are great, so these work great.  If they like it, they can watch it over and over again.  And if they didn’t like it, they can move onto to the next one.  Plus there are so many videos and so many themes, they can’t get bored by the same ones.  My boys have loved the Star Wars and Ninjago videos too. 

Having this playlist on my iPad has been really nice for when I’m cleaning or doing a few things here and there.  It has especially been nice when I’m cooking dinner and I just need 20 minutes of piece and quiet.  As much as I love them playing with LEGOS, I don’t so much love the clean up.  Especially after a long day when I have already spent the whole day cleaning, I don’t want to have to clean up toys.  So it’s nice to plop them down on the couch, give them my iPad and let them watch a few videos while I cook. 

It’s so nice to be able to have my playlist on my phone, that way I can take it with me.  I live two hours away from the nearest chain store, so when I go shopping, it’s usually a really long and boring trip.  It’s hard on me and my kids as you tell by this picture taken from my last trip to store.   I’m totally going to use my video playlist with my phone and let my kids watch them as I shop.  It makes for a much better shopping trip, as you can tell by the other picture.
store lego playlist (7)
I had fun making my playlist, here's the videos that I picked out for my kids.  

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L.A. said...

I loved playing with Lego as a kid! Now as an adult I play Lego themed video games (Pirates of the Caribbean and Batman are super fun Lego Playstation games!)

Beth Mcgwire said...

Awesome! Yea, my kids loved making lego videos when they were younger. It's such a great, creative outlet, especially for the boys, who seem to naturally get the technicality of it all. If my memory is correct, my son has a scene in a big collaborative star wars movie effort.. I'll have to ask him about that again. Glad to see this medium is only growing and more creative for kids to use.

Julie Hudson said...

This is great...thanks for sharing! We are all about LEGOs in this house. My son will love watching these on the tablet he got for Christmas.

Amber said...

My son LOVES Legos! So this is some really great info! Thanks for sharing!

Ashley said...

I'll have to show these to my boys. They are gonna love them!

Laura H said...

This is great!! Thank you for sharing. My son and I have watched a couple already