Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Giant Surprise: Veggie Snack Chips

When the new year came, everyone had their new year’s resolutions.  Me, I didn’t really have any.  But then a month into the new year, I went to my doctor’s appointment, got on the scale and saw the number that I usually hit at the end of pregnancy and I had 3 months to go!  It hit me hard.  I knew I was letting myself go and not eating healthy, but I was hoping that it wouldn’t show up on the scale. 
From that point on, I decided that I needed to eat my healthy.  I started drinking the recommended 8 cups of water each day.  I started exercising (as much as I could 6 months pregnant), I cut down on the sweets and I started taking better care of myself.  The best part of it all, I felt so much better.  When you eat like crap, you are going to feel like crap. 

Being at home all day long and rarely getting out of the house (because there is no where to go), it hard to control what I eat.  I like to eat, especially when I am bored.  So I found what I needed to do what not buy the junk food and to get snacks that are better for you.  I am not going to completely stop eating the junk, but I want to make better choices of what I eat.

When I heard that Green Giant had a giant surprise, that they had new veggie snack chips, I was excited and curious to try them out.   Health food to me seems to not have much flavor, so I was a little nervous about trying these.  But I was very surprised when I tried them.  I especially liked the veggie tortillas chips.  They had a great zest and kick to them.  I was excited to see that they had 40% less fat than other chips.  It’s nice that they have a great taste but not as much of the fat, so you can feel good about eating them (as long as you don’t eat the whole bag).  
green giant (1)
Next I had to do the taste test on my kids.  As you can by their faces, they were enjoying them!  They just kept on eating them.
When I have this baby, I’m hoping to keep up a healthy life style.  I want to be able to lose the weight and start doing things that I love to do.

 I want to share with you a "surprise" talent that I have.  I can dance.  No I can't do ballet or anything like that.  But in high school, my brother and I were major swing dancers.  I loved it!  We did it all the time, even taught lessons. 

Check out these surprise talents on other people on the Green Giant YouTube channel.  It's amazing what people can do! 

Thank you to The Green Giant™ for being a sponsor. Show the Giant your surprise talent at


The Fischer Family said...

We've made some big changes to the way we eat this year too! Cutting out HFCS (that crap is in EVERYTHING!!!!!), MSG, artificial dyes and colors and partially hydrogenated oils. That means I'm cooking a lot from scratch when I used to just go to a box of Hamburger Helper! But it also cuts out a lot of snackie foods so I'll need to check these out! The sweet potato chips look right up my alley!

I miss watching you and Kody dance together!! You could always tell that you were having so much fun! He definitely could move a girl around the dance floor :-) Tiff is a lucky lady!

Scrappy Gifts said...

Awesome! Sure miss those ward/stake talent show things. I did some dances back in high school and some in college too - more hip hop/pop stuff. I only had one flip in my routine. You must have been so tired! That was pretty sweet stuff. Think you could do it again after your fifth child? =) Thanks for sharing!

Amy Enloe said...

Oh Kaysi, the memories you conjured up... :)