Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Grey Knit Ruffle Skirt

One of the hardest things about pregnancy for me is the weight gain.  I don’t really enjoy gaining 30 to 40 pounds.  I don’t love the way that I look.  I also don’t feel very cute, so I decided that I needed to make myself something cute and attempt to be a little more stylish so I could feel a little bit better about myself.  Skirts are so easy to make and so comfy to wear, so that is what I made.
grey knit ruffle skirt (5)
This is how I made it:
I cut out two pieces of fabric.  I measured my waist and then added a couple of inches because I wanted it to be an a-line skirt.  I cut a rectangle and then cut the sides at an angle to make it a-line.
grey knit ruffle skirt (6)
I sewed the sides together and flipped it right side out.
grey knit ruffle skirt (7)
I cut strips that were 3” wide and ruffled them up by using my longest straight stitch and pulling the bobbin thread through to gather the fabric. 
grey knit ruffle skirt (8)
I pinned the ruffle onto the bottom, all along the bottom.  Then I sewed it on.
grey knit ruffle skirt (9)
Next I took several 1” thick strips and ruffled them up.
grey ruffles
I pinned the ruffles into the skirt in a fun design.  I only did the front, because I got lazy by the end….  I used lots of pins and then sewed the ruffles onto it.
grey knit ruffle skirt (2)
Then I added some elastic for the top. 
grey knit ruffle skirt (3)
And that’s it.  It was super easy and it was super comfy, which means a lot when you’re pregnant. 
grey knit ruffle skirt (5)
And here is the whole outfit that I wear to church.  Even though I feel huge, for a moment I felt a little stylish too Smile
grey knit ruffle skirt (4)

I would love it if you followed along.
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Deborah Owen said...

This is so cute: I've followed you for awhile but had to start my blog all over...would love for you to follow

stellaonline said...

You look just adorable!! I know you FEEL huge, but it's such an amazing thing that ours bodies can do - remember that! Oh, and the skirt - it's great too! *wink*

Well done, Momma!!

Jean M. said...

So cute and you look beautiful!!!!

The Fischer Family said...

So cute Kaysi! And you look beautiful!! Almost done mama! Hang in there!

Gypsy Heart said...

You look adorable!! Please know that you truly are beautiful ~ keep saying those positive words to yourself. You're almost over this and think about the incredible blessing you will receive.


Ashley said...

That looks really cute and comfy! Double plus :)

Carol Pack Urban said...

This looks so good on you!!!