Friday, February 22, 2013

St. Patrick’s Day Shirts

I’m having a fun time being festive for all of the holidays this year, so I thought it would be fun to make some St. Patrick’s Day shirts for a couple of my kids.
st. patrick shirt (7)
This is how I made it:
Using my Expression 2, I cut out the heat transfer.  Make sure to mirror the image and place the heat transfer shiny side down.  I used the font Disney- Mickey Font and the shamrock is from the cartridge Close to my Heart
st. patrick shirt (1)
I then ironed the heat transfer onto the shirt. 
st. patrick shirt (2)
Here is it all ironed on.  When I was done I felt like it just wasn’t girly enough. 
st. patrick shirt (3)
So I decided to make some ruffles to go around the shamrock.  To do that, I cut several strips of white knit fabric 3/4” wide.  I sewed them altogether to make one continuous strip.
st. patrick shirt (4)
Then using my longest straight stitch, I sewed in the middle of the strip and then pulled the bobbin thread through to gather the fabric. 
st. patrick shirt (5)
I pinned the ruffle around the shamrock and then sewed it into the shirt. 
st. patrick shirt (6)
And that’s it, super easy!
st. patrick shirt (8)
It looks a little more girly now and I just love that glitter!
st. patrick shirt (7)
I also decided to make my son a shirt real quick too.  I thought that a 8 year old boy would love to say something like this:
st. patrick shirt (9)
Have just a little bit of green on it and then laugh that no one can pinch him. 
st. patrick shirt (10)

I would love it if you followed along.
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