Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Décor Ball with beads

When I was decorating my living room, I was trying to come up with some fun and different kinds of décor balls to put onto my new candlesticks.  I loved how the metal ball looked, so I made a tissue paper pom pom for the other one and then I had to come up with another idea for the third.  I’ve seen several people wrap balls with different kinds of things and I just happened to have a ton of beads that I bought at a garage sale for $.50, so I decided to use those.  I love how they turned out!!  I liked it so much that I made another one for my master bedroom!
living room (24)
This is how I made it:
I took a regular ball (I now owe my kids a new ball….)
bead decor ball (1)
Then I wrapped it with tin foil.  I tried to paint it white but it didn’t work.  It was just too sticky.  I even used spray paint that is supposed to adhere to plastic. So I used the tin foil instead so you can’t see the orange. 
bead decor ball (2)
Using my glue gun, I started at an end and glued the beads onto the tin foil.  Then I went around the bead, continually gluing. 
bead decor ball (3)
I just kept on going around and around.  I used a lot of glue because I wanted it to stand up to my kids. 
bead decor ball (4)
I covered the whole ball with beads.  And that’s it!
bead decor ball (5)
I put it on top of the candlestick (with a dab of glue so it won’t fall down).
living room (12)
I just love how it looks and the silver in the foil gives it an elegant and classy look!
living room (24)

I would love it if you followed along.


Vanessa @ Our Thrifty Ideas said...

This is so cute. And I too love the little pop of silver shining thru from the tin foil!!

Sharon Sheff said...

What a neat idea. And probably much cheaper then balls can sometimes cost. thanks for sharing


The Fischer Family said...

Such a great idea! I love the pearl beads! Pearls are so fun!

Theresa @junk2jewels-diy.blogspot.com said...

GREAT idea!! I'm definitely gonna use this some time soon!! thanks for sharing!!