Friday, March 8, 2013

New Tv Stand from Staples

My family room was  in desperate need of a makeover.   No one ever saw the room since it’s in the basement, so I just left it alone.  I was working just fine for our family, it just didn’t look very good.  Then a few weeks ago, I decided that we needed to do something about our “tv stand”.  In our last two houses we have a had a mantel to put our tv and electronics onto, so it wasn’t a big deal.  Here, this little table wasn’t cutting it.  Do you see how we have the dvd player, then the satellite receiver, Wii, Wii sensor and then Kinect sensor all stacked up on each other.  Nice huh?
tv stand (1)
The week that I decided to get a tv stand, I got an email from Staples to do a review.  I was ecstatic!
At first I just thought that Staples had office supplies and furniture (which of course they do) but I had no clue what all they had to offer.  I was so impressed.  Another thing that I loved is that they have free shipping on several items, which is always a huge plus for me since everything has to be shipped to me. 
So I went onto their site and was blown away by how much they had for sell.  I was immediately drawn to their tv entertainment section.  They have tvs, gaming systems and what I was looking for: entertainment centers
Here are a few that I just really liked:
South Shore Sofia TV StandsSouth Shore Laguna TV StandsBush® New Haven Swivel TV Stand, Aged TobaccoSauder® Edge Water Panel TV Stand, Estate Black
After going through all of the stands over and over again and texting my husband the links and getting his feed back over and over again (he loves it when I asked him the same question over and over again….Smile). 
I decided on this one:
tv stand (2)
I was exactly what I wanted, it was wide enough that it would hold a lot but it was tall enough that the kids wouldn’t be touching things non stop (hopefully).
It came last weekend and I put my husband to work (because I don’t move so quick right now…).  The finish is perfect for our room!  It says that it’s black, but it’s not a jet black, it’s more of a brownish black and it looks great!
tvstand (2)
He built it and then put the electronics in, so they don’t have to be on top of each other. 
tv stand (3)
And then I decorated it a little bit, to give it a little more color and personality.  (We are still working on the cords, it’s in the plans just haven’t done it yet.)
tv stand (4)

tv stand (5)
tv stand (6)
I absolutely love the look of it.  I loved it so much that it made me want to decorate my family room this week (which included painting a wall).  I don’t feel like my room is a last cause anymore and it can actually look nice.  By the end I’m going to actually want to have people down there!
Disclosure: I was given this tv stand to review from Staples.  All  opinions and content are 100% my own.  Big THANKS to Staples!

I would love it if you followed along.


Little Bitty Damn Houze said...

Timely post. I should be receiving a new TV console soon that I ordere online. One concern I have is whether to mount on the wall or sit ontop of console. The console I'm getting is not as tall as what the tv is on now. Also what about those cords????

I like your new stand!

Samantha Houck said...

There are cord covers that you can purchase at places like best buy, and also paint to match.

Summer Rumsey said...

Kaysi I think this looks great. I really need to get me something like this for my Tv room.