Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring Cleaning

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dollar General. All opinions are 100% mine.

It's now officially spring!  Winter is finally over.  Too bad that doesn't mean the weather doesn't just immediately feel like spring.  Along with the warm weather that comes with spring, spring brings on spring cleaning.  I actually started a little early this year because I wanted to get my life organized before the baby comes.  

What do you do to spring clean?  Do you deep clean every inch of your house?  Do you go through all of your closets and get rid of things and organize the whole thing?  

I tend to get on a organizing kick come spring.  It might be because every single New Year's resolution is to be more organized.  This year I have been trying to tackle the closest, get rid of clothes that we don't wear and use lots of containers with labels.  I feel with kids, if there is a place for everything, then there is a better chance that they will want to put it there. 

Not only am I trying to be organized but I'm trying to be a better cleaner.  Not just for spring cleaning, but as a whole.  One of my absolute products to use is Clorox ®  Disinfecting Wipes.

I just love them and I love giving them to my kids to help me kids.  It's just nice to know that they are getting rid of germs as they help!  They are the simple solution for all of my household needs.  I can use them on pretty much every surface so I only need to use those for when I'm cleaning the house.  We love to be able to wipe it down and then just throw them away!

Now you know I live far away from a big town, so in the little town I go grocery shopping in I can get my spring cleaning supplies at Dollar General.  They have great prices and great brands! They have products like Cotonelle®, Tilex® and more!


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Happy Spring Cleaning to you!



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