Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Personalized Towel

I'm so excited to let you know that Cricut has come out with some new and amazing Iron on vinyl!  Woohoo!  I love it!

As of right now, you can only purchase it through a blogger's link.  Here you can get this bundle for only $199!!  Go here to get it!
Iron-on Pre-sale Bundle
If you just want the awesome iron on vinyl, go here.  You can get $15 off the sample pack!
Iron-on Pre-sale Sample Pack

My kids love to have their names on things.  They just think it’s so cool!  I thought that it would be a fun way to decorate their bathroom with personalized towels.  They only took a few minutes to make and they are super fun too!
personalized towel (8)
Cricut has just come out with some amazing iron on vinyl!  It’s comes in some great colors, including glitter (woohoo!!) 
personalized towel (1)
This is how I made the towel:
I took just a regular white towel and then I cut a strip of 2” fabric.  I didn’t hem the sides at all, I think that a little fraying would look good with the towel.
personalized towel (2)
I sewed the fabric onto the towel.  I used blue thread for some added fun and color.
personalized towel (3)
This using my Expressions 2, I cut out the iron on vinyl.  I used setting 3 for both depth and pressure.  Make sure you mirror the image before you cut, and place the shiny side down onto the mat.  I used the cartridge Extreme Fonts for the letters. 
personalized towel (4)
I peeled away the excess vinyl and then ironed it onto the towel.
personalized towel (5)
Then I layered the other color onto the towel. 
personalized towel (6)
Here it is, all pretty!
personalized towel (7)
And that’s it, super easy and simple.  Can’t wait to make some for my boys too!
personalized towel (8)
A great and functional decoration, the best kind Smile
personalized towel (9)
I would love it if you followed along.