Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Piping in a pillow

I have always wanted to try to put piping on a pillow.  I love the look of it.  But I was scared and intimated by it.  So I never did it. Sewing still scares me.  But then I was sent some fun fabric and piping from Jo-Ann’s Craft Stores and I decided that I would give it a try. 
Piping on a pillow
Recently Jo-Ann’s has teamed up with HGTV and now have a new trendy fabric line, exclusively at Jo-Ann’s.  These are the two pieces of fabric that I got to try out, along with some fun trim.  The fabric is really nice and thick, it would be great for upholstery.  Since I love pillows, I decided to make some pillows with them.
Piping on a pillow (2)
This is how I made them:
First I cut the fabric 18x18.  I then rounded all four corners with a pair of scissors. 
Piping on a pillow (3)
Then I laid the trim on the front of the fabric.  I pinned it all the way around.  For the corners, I cut a little slit so it would bend easier. 
Piping on a pillow (5)
Using my longest stitch, I sewed the trim onto the fabric.  This is called basting, it’s when you sew it merely to hold it into place.  Use you longest stitch and don’t back stitch.
Piping on a pillow (7)
I then cut two pieces for the back of the pillow.  They were 18x13 each.
Piping on a pillow (8)
I rounded the corners and then placed it onto the trim and fabric.
Piping on a pillow (11)
When working with trim, you should use a zipper foot.  I didn’t have one, so I just used my regular foot.  I had the trim under it and tried to sew as close to the trim as I could. 
Piping on a pillow (13)
I sewed the two backs pieces on separately.  I usually placed both of them on and then sew all four sides, but this time I did them separately. 
Piping on a pillow (14) Piping on a pillow (15)
Then I flipped the pillow inside out. 
Piping on a pillow (16)
I stuffed a pillow into!  And it looks great!  I was so excited that it worked, I was a little nervous it being my first time. 
Piping on a pillow (18)
I definitely think that I’m going to be doing this again, it so fun and easy to do!  Plus it really adds to the pillow. 
Piping on a pillow (19)
I had some left over trim, so I decided to make a flower with it on the other pillow.  I just cut my fabric to 17x17 and then with a glue gun started gluing the trim onto the fabric. 
Piping on a pillow (20)
I worked my way around, gluing it down.  Then I made the pillow the same way as the other one, without the trim. 
Piping on a pillow (21)
Here’s how it looks with the pillow.
Piping on a pillow (23)
I love the look of the two of them and the colors are so bright and fun!
Piping on a pillow (22)
I have a special coupon for you at Jo-Ann’s.  It’s valid 4/7-5/4.  But Apri 14 through May 4th, the whole HGTV line is going to be 50% off, so you can use this coupon for extra savings too! 
Disclosure: I was give the fabric to review and create something.  All ideas, content and opinions are 100% my own. 

I would love it if you followed along.


Sandy said...

I've been afraid to sew with piping and trim too, but you made it look really easy! Love this fabric, can't wait to go check out the whole line my next trip to Joann's.