Friday, April 26, 2013

Vinyl Decal Side Table

One of my favorite features in my living room is my little green table.  I picked up this table at a garage sale 2 years ago for $5.  I was looking for something just like this all summer long and it I found it at one of the last garage sales I went to that summer.  Since I wanted more color in my living room, I decided to add some color and design to it. 
vinyl side table
This is how I made it:
I had this white table that I love, but the white wasn’t cutting it for me.
vinyl side table (3)
I painted it a nice green. 
vinyl side table (4)
And here it is all painted. 
vinyl side table (6)
I cut out some big vinyl flowers for the top of it.  I went with vinyl instead of paint because it’s not permanent like paint it. 
vinyl side table (7)
I added the three flowers. 
vinyl side table (8)
To make sure that the vinyl wouldn’t just peel off, I sprayed the top of it with an acrylic glaze
vinyl side table (9)
And now I have a fun table!
vinyl side table (10)
I've had fun making some fun decorations for it too!
living room (11)
It’s been great to have for the holidays.
pumpkin candle warmer (2)

candle warmer snowman (1)

heart garland (4)
I would love it if you followed along.


Sharon Sheff said...

That is the cutest and jazzest do it all table...I love it. Great color and great job!

Angela Paris said...

I love this make over - it looks so awesome - I especially love the flower design

Katie Flores said...

I like the table makeover but I especially love your cute decorations for each holiday!! ;)