Friday, April 19, 2013

Yellow Dyed Skirt

I love color.  And I love bright colors.  When I get dressed up, I love to wear color!  I have been wanting a yellow skirt for awhile now, but haven’t found any great fabric.  So I decided to take an old knit bed sheet and turn it into a yellow skirt. 
yellow dyed skirt (11)
This is how I made it:
I cut two rectangles out.  I measured my waist, added a couple inches and then I measured the length that I wanted the skirt.  Then I cut two pieces there would go in the middle. 
yellow dyed skirt (1)
I cut 4 strips that were 3 inches wide for the ruffles.  I sewed them and gathered them to make them ruffles. 
yellow dyed skirt (2)
I put the ruffles onto the first piece that will go onto the front and then sewed it on. 
yellow dyed skirt (3)
I did that to both pieces and then I pinned and sewed them onto the front rectangle. 
yellow dyed skirt (4)
I then placed the back rectangle onto it and sided up the sides. 
yellow dyed skirt (5)
I took the ruffles and then sewed them onto the bottom of the skirt. 
yellow dyed skirt (6)
Then I added some elastic. 
yellow dyed skirt (7)
Using some Rit Dye, I heated some water and added the dye and some salt. 
yellow dyed skirt (8)
I cooked the fabric in there for 30 minutes, then rinsed it with warm water and ran it through the washer. 
yellow dyed skirt (9)
And here it is yellow.  If it comes out like this, just dye it again. 
yellow dyed skirt (10)
And now I have a fun (and comfy) yellow skirt!!a
yellow dyed skirt (11)

I would love it if you followed along.