Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Guest Post: The Crafty Woman

Hello folks!
I'm Christine of The Crafty Woman.
I'm excited to be here and sharing a fun activity you can do at home over and over this summer.
 These tattoos last 3-5 days and are waterproof!

Not to mention, dry instantly!
Oh, and did I mention they sparkle????

So....This is sort of a two in one post!
A fun activity-Glitter Tats
A safety guide-Body Art 101

So before going into my tutorial, I'd like to go over a few things to be cautious about with body art at festivals/at home.
*Please at least read the glitter part as it does with the tutorial!*

I have been a professional body artist for 7+ years.
I have worked the festival circuit for over 15 (various things).
Here is what YOU need to know as a parent before diving right into face paint, henna, or glitter tattoos.

1.Not all paint is created equal.     
Paints used in face-painting are specially formulated to be used on the skin.
Paints found at the craft store (even acrylics) should never be used on the skin. Especially the face.
Ask your face painter what they use, safe brands are:
Silly Farm
Ben Nye
and Mehron

Also, be sure to check how sanitary the set up is.
Many use sponges, which are fine if they mist with alcohol in between faces.
Brushes being dipped over and over in dirty water, no good.
Use your mommy/daddy/spidey sense on the sanitary!

2.Henna is NOT black
This is my expert field and have fought for years to get this out there.
The FDA has finally made an official statement in regards to henna vs. black henna.
True, natural henna is a dark green (almost black) paste.
When wiped of it starts out pumpkin orange and darkens over 24-36 hours to a deep red/brown color.
 "Black Henna" smells bad, stains black instantly, and is dangerous.
It contains the chemical PPD commonly found in black hair dyes.
It is illegal for use on skin.
Many times, this paste is found in high tourist areas like Mexico, Las Vegas, South Beach, Caribbean, etc. 
 Henna itself is low risk for reactions, however, check with the artist and ask what is in their paste.
If they can't answer you, walk away.
Many premixed or ready to go cones of henna found online have "mystery" ingredients or dangerous additives.

The most basic henna (and safest) recipe should contain:
Henna Powder
Lemon juice
Essential oils that are safe: lavender, cajput, eucalyptus, etc
Email me if you'd like a full list!   
The store bought kits are usually a false henna or "neutral" henna meaning they are different plant and stain poorly.
Yes, henna is a plant!
The powder is the dried leaves finely ground.  
Warning:*Henna can have a deadly reaction to those with G6PD.

3. Glitter isn't always "just glitter".
Glitter tattoos (like in our tutorial) are great.
Sparkly, waterproof, fast.
However, there are still a couple cautions.
The glue.
A proper glitter tattoo should use an acrylic, water based glue.
Most are medical grade and latex free. (Like Prosaide Cream)
Here are some examples of the glue.
The glitter.
Glitter isn't a multi-purpose item sometimes.
Craft glitter is not suitable for tattoos.
It is too course and can cause irritation on the skin.
Cosmetic grade glitters are finely cut/ground and are extremely gently.
Mica powder (MAC shadows!) are also great for tattoos.
They come out shimmery and smooth! 
You still may want to avoid around the eyes. 
Glitter in the eyes can cause micro scratches and even imbedding that has to be removed surgically. 

Now that we have covered some safety, on to the fun!
  Click on a supply for example of where to purchase.
    Supplies needed:
Glitter Tattoo Stencil
*This is specialized tape and vinyl for skin use, not like the average sign/craft vinyl.
Please do not use your at home vinyl cutter without the proper tape and vinyl needed!!!*
Small brush (make up brush)
Credit card or "squeegy"
 Alcohol swabs or liquid and cotton balls

Step 1
Thoroughly cleanse skin with alcohol.
Remove all lotions, sunscreens, etc.
 Allow to dry completely.
 Step 2
Prep stencil by gently rubbing down the front with credit card.
Peel off paper backing.

Step 3
Position stencil, hovering over skin.
Gently lay on skin and smooth down.
(If your subject moves it may wrinkle it!)
Step 4 
Carefully peel back tape.
Stretching skin taught and pulling tape flat on itself works best.
Make sure the vinyl is staying on skin.
Step 5
Apply a thin layer of glue all over.
Let dry to clear, yet tacky.

Step 6
Dust or poof with glitter.
I prefer dropping a small amount on the center and pushing it around with my finger.

Use small brush to push glitter around and fill in little gaps. 
Step 7
Peel off stencil!

  So sparkly. So fun.

I hope you get some of these babies cranked out and had a little more sparkle and shine to your summer!
The Crafty Woman             


Jessica Anderson said...

Awesome tutorial! Pinning! :)

The Cooper Family said...

Do you know where you can buy the right kind of vinyl for skin to make your own stencils?