Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Guest Post: Girl Loves Glam

I am McKenzie from Girl Loves Glam and I am excited to be hanging out with you today!
My husband is a 6th grade teacher. It is always interesting to see what gifts he receives from students for the various holidays throughout the year. I have asked him several times what his favorite types of gifts are to receive from students. His answer? Gift cards! He loves getting gift cards because it is a way that he can treat himself to things he wouldn't normally get to treat himself to. I love it when they are also gift cards that involve me coming along for date night. One gift card he got for Christmas was for frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf. I think I was more excited about the gift card than he was! I love Orange Leaf!
With as many self serve frozen yogurt shops there are now, I thought that making a free printable tag to go along with a froyo gift card would be perfect! It would make a great gift for your teacher or anyone else who has worked hard and deserves a little treat for themselves (or their wife!).
Teacher Appreciation Frozen Yogurt Free Printable on
Adding a printable to a gift card is a really simple way to really show that you care and are willing to go a little extra mile to make their day special.
Teacher Appreciation Fro Yo gift card printable
To get the free printable, just go here.
Teacher Appreciation Gift Frozen Yogurt Gift Card Printable on
Now go show your teachers that you appreciate them!
Thank you for letting me post here today Kaysi! Don't forget to come visit my blog for all of my tutorials and craziness of a DIY glam girl!