Thursday, June 20, 2013

Teaching My Kids to Vacuum with Eureka #AirSpeedONE

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Now that my kids are getting older, it's time to start teaching them how to help me clean and do chores. Sometimes I struggle with this because a lot of times it's just easier to do it myself rather than trying to force the kids to do their chores.  We have all been there, trying to get them to clean up their room is like pulling teeth. 
One day my kids had knocked over a plant in there bedroom and there was dirt on the ground, so I had my oldest son vacuum it up.  He loved it.  A little light went on in my head, make that one of his chores.  He thinks that it is a fun job.   So I got the kids a new vacuum and taught them how to properly vacuum.
Eureka Air Speed One
I went to Walmart and looked at all of the vacuums.  I wanted something that was smaller that my kids could move around easily.  I also wanted something with a great price, not pay $200+ for it.  The one that stood out to me was the eureka #AirSpeedONE turbo, our family loves lime green and it looked like just the right size!   For my whole shopping trip, check out my google+ album.
eureka air speed
I had my kids help me put the vacuum together.  It was super easy to do.  Here's a video on how to do it:
The first thing that I taught him was how to work this vacuum.  There is a little picture of a foot on it, so you know how to tilt it back.  Then I showed him how to hold the cord in your hand so you don't run it over.  Then I told him to go back and forth in lines so you can get all of the floor.
Eureka Air Speed One (4)
The vacuum worked great!  This is what we got up from just the area rug. 
Eureka Air Speed One (6)
We live in the Sandhills, so there is always sand at our front door.  I showed him that there were different settings for different floors.  He thought that was coolest thing about it! 
Eureka Air Speed One (11)
And lastly, I showed him how to use the hose to get into the hard to reach spaces.
Eureka Air Speed One (15)
This vacuum is just the right size for all of my kids.  I let all of them have a turn with it.  Here's my little girl trying it out.  Look at her holding the cord in her other hand, I love it!

Eureka Air Speed One (21)

Here's a video of my my little girl vacuuming, I just thought it was so cute!  It's not loud at all, my little baby slept through the whole thing.

I was very impressed with this vacuum, it was just the right size for my kids.  It was nice and lightweight, which is perfect to move it around, especially nice when we have to take it downstairs.  It did a great job picking up the dirt and all the cat hair that was on the floor.

 My oldest son was so excited about his new chore, that when he finished the living room he went to his bedroom and cleaned it so he could vacuum his room too!  He never does this!  It usually takes at least 2 hours to get him to clean his room and he did it all on his own. Then he told me that he could vacuum everyday. I could definitely get used to this. :)

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Shelby Barone said...

I love that you got your kids to vacuum! I am going to go purchase one for my kids now too!!