Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kleenex Hand Towels #CleanHands {GIVEAWAY}

It's summer time and it's a great time to entertain. I am a very social person, I just love to interact with adults (and not kids all the time).   We love to entertain, we love to have families over for dinner and games.  We try about once a month to have people over and it's so much fun!  It gives me an excuse to really clean my house :).

When we have people over, the boys' bathroom turns into the guest room.  My kids aren't the cleanest people.  Can you believe that, boys not being clean.  Of course before we have people over I really clean their bathroom but I have never really thought about changing out the hand towel.  I'm just happy that there is one in there, because sometimes there isn't one.  For my guests it might not be the cleanest thing, with my boys and all.

Recently a product came out for disposable hand towels, Kleenex Hand Towels.  Why use a disposable hand towel you ask?  Cloth hand towels that are reused all the time become damp and filled with germs. It's a great way to provide a clean, fresh and dry towel every time.  Single use cloths help reduce the spread of germs, which is great for making things more sanitary.

My husband is a germaphobe and because of that, we both are very aware of germs and how things can look clean but really aren't, especially in the bathroom.  We love to use things that are disposable so we can get rid of the germs and not just have them lingering in our house.

If you were in a public bathroom,which would you choose: the paper towels or the towel that you pull on and it goes around in the circle (um disgusting)?  

Take control of your hand towel situations and go to and join the #CleanHands campaign like the 14 million people that have already joined by using Kleenex Hand Towels.  They can be found in the paper towel aisles in your grocery store or at the mass retailers.  They run for about $2.99 for a box.

Do you want to try out these disposable hand towels?  One winner when get a box of of Kleenex Hand Towels.  Just enter the giveaway below.
I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


Emily Thompson said...

hi! I'm just getting my post for kleenex ready to go :o) Glad to see what others are doing so I can make sure I'm on the right track!
emily @ nap-timecreations