Saturday, July 27, 2013

Kleenex Hand Towels #CleanHands

This weekend we had a little get together at our house.  It was a little pizza party, we let all of the kids make their own pizzas.  It was really fun.  The kids just loved it.  Since the kids were going to be making the food, they of course had to wish their hands.  And we had to make sure that they were actually clean.
kleenexhandtowels (1)
They used soap and then instead of a hand towel, they used Kleenex hand towels.  It's great because you know that they will have #CleanHands.  Several times my kids will wash their hands and then dry them on their shirts, their dirty shirts.  This way, no dirty germs will be put back onto they hands after washing them.

The hand towels are dye free, soft, fragrance free and highly absorbent.  The box fits perfectly on the counter top and are great to wipe up the counter when needed. The pop up system helps to keep the other towels clean.
 They kids were really excited about using them, they thought they were pretty cool.  
kleenexhandtowels (2)
Once their hands were clean, it was time to make the pizzas.  They got to roll out the dough and then put their toppings on top.  My kids definitely enjoyed being able to put what toppings they like on them.
personal mini pizza (5)
It was a yummy dinner!  The kids absolutely loved it and most of them had two!
personal mini pizza (8)
We had dessert and then played games afterwards.  Playing with kids is always entertaining and interesting.  It was a fun evening!
personal mini pizza (12)

Next time you have a get together, you should try out Kleenex hand towels, they are great!

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