Friday, July 26, 2013

Kleenex Hand Towels {Party Prep}

What do you do to get ready for a party?  For me, it's all able really cleaning my house.  I would be horrified if people come over and saw what it normally looks like (a disaster).  One area that I really focus on, is the guest bathroom.  It's my boys' bathroom and it's pretty disgusting.  If you have boys, you under stand how bad it can be around the toilet.... apparently they don't know how to aim.
For my get together this weekend, instead of using a hand towel, I'm using Kleenex disposable hand towels.  With these I know that my guests will get #CleanHands when they dry their hands.  I don't know about your kids, but sometimes my kids will "wash" their hands (using only water) and then dry them.  So the towel is getting lovely bathroom germs on it.
kleenex hand towels (1)
I love the cute design of the Kleenex box.  They even have several different designs that are perfect for the holidays too.  Since they are around $3, you won’t break the bank if you want to get lots of different designs. 
After I get the house all clean, it's time to prepare the food!  When it comes to the party, isn't it the dessert that is the most important?  When I leave a birthday party, the cake is what leaves the lasting impression.  So for our get together, I made one of my absolute favorite desserts, striped delight.  I decided to add some smashed M&M’s on the top to add more flavor and of course chocolate! 
striped delight

Do you have any good party planning tips??  Do you go all out and with decorations or do you focus more on the food? 

I would love it if you followed along.
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