Friday, July 12, 2013

Monsters University Mike Wazowski Sugar Cookies

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This past weekend we decided to go the movie theaters and go see Monsters University.  If you don't know already, I am a huge fan of the Monsters Pixar movies.  Monsters Inc. was our go to movie when I was dating my husband.  I just love it! I have been dying to see this movie ever since it came out, but being 2 hours away from a movie theater, it just hasn't happened until now.

Just a couple weeks ago, I turned some juice boxes into Mike and Sulley.   That was a huge hit with my kids, so I decided that I wanted to make some sugar cookies with them and decorate them into Mike Wazowski. 
Mike Sugar Cookies
Before we made the cookies, we went to see the movie.  Right now at you can buy Monsters University Pre-Order #MUPreOrder.  You buy it, put in a code and then when it comes out on DVD, it will be mailed to you (sweet!!).  Inside of it you get a $1.50 off coupon of Juicy Juice products and then a free movie ticket to see any Disney movie. 
Of course we used it on Monsters University.  I LOVED it by the way, totally recommend going to see it.  All of my kids loved it, they are from ages 8 to 2.  We even took some teenagers with us and they liked it too.  Check out my google+ album to see the whole process. 
MU preorder
To make the sugar cookies, I used this recipe:
1 1/2 cup margarine (at room temperature)
2 cups sugar
3 eggs, beaten
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp baking soda dissolved into 1 Tbs hot water
5 cups flour
1/2 tsp salt
In a mixer, mix the butter and sugar
Mike Sugar Cookies (2)
Then mix the rest of the ingredients together.  Once they are all mixed, knead the dough until it's not sticky.  Use flour to make it less sticky.
Mike Sugar Cookies (3)
Once it's not sticky, roll it out.
Mike Sugar Cookies (4)
Then use cookie cutters to make shapes.  Yes, I did have to redo the shapes.  I was letting him have fun.
Mike Sugar Cookies (10)
Bake in the oven at 375 degrees for 10 minutes.
Mike Sugar Cookies (11)
Then let your kids go crazy and decorate them!
Mike Sugar Cookies (18)
Here are all of their monsters.  We made it a fun afternoon snack, with Juicy Juice and Monster fruit snacks.
Mike Sugar Cookies (19)
I wanted to have a little activity too.  In the movie there is a scene where Sulley bounces a ball onto another monster's belly that had a tic tac toe board on it.  I thought that it would be fun to do something like that.  So I made a Mike out of play dough and have the kids bounce a ball to into his eye.
Mike Sugar Cookies (1)

Here is a video of them trying to do it.  It really didn't work, but they sure had fun! I guess you can't always recreate scenes from movies :).  They then played with play dough and made their own monsters and had a blast.

I would love it if you followed along.


Amy Fulcher said...

Your little Mike is so cute! (And love the easy sugar cookie idea-I am such a mess when I try to decorate cookies!)