Thursday, August 15, 2013

#ad Earn Money for your School with Tyson and Safeway #ClipForSchool

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School is starting and with that, companies are starting up some back to school programs that help you earn money for your school, just by buying products that you love.  I absolutely love it when companies give back to our schools.  Both Tyson and Safeway have great ways for you to help out your schools.  

Tyson has a program called Tyson Project A+.  When you buy specially marked packages of their chicken and turn in the little labels into your school, they give your school $.24 for each label clipped.  The packages have a little black square in the front that has an A+ on it.  And on the back there is the black label. 
#ad Tyson A  Project 2
Registering your school is super easy and only takes a few minutes.  You can look up your school to see if it has been registered.  Just put in the phone number.  If nothing comes up, that means that it isn't registered and you have to do it.  I signed my kids' school up in just a few minutes.  Then you can check the progress and how much money your school has gotten. #ClipForSchool
#ad Tyson ProjectA

 Just think of the possibilities that money could do.  Maybe help with some school supplies so the teachers don't have to pay for supplies themselves.  Or maybe it could help in the school's library and get lots of new books.   

If you want to help your school get even more money, Safeway has a program that gives back 10% of purchases on specially marked products.  You can register your Safeway card on and the points will automatically go to the schools on the card you selected.  Or you can just buy the products and then after Sept. 13th there will be instructions on your receipt that will tell you how to redeem them.  I put it on my card, so much easier!  This program goes on from Aug. 14 to Sept. 10.  
#ad Safeway school Program

Earning money from these programs are going to be super easy for my family.  Safeway is our regular grocery store and we absolutely love Tyson chicken.  I have one kid that is super picky and he just prefers chicken rather than pork and beef, so I am always buying Tyson chicken.  For my whole shopping experience, check out my google+ album

Here are some yummy and easy recipes that I have made using Tyson chicken.

#ad Tyson Project A

5) Fun Chicken Nuggets

Now that you have seen how easy it is to earn money for your school, go and do it!  I'm sure that every school could use some extra help.

I would love it if you followed along.


Yvonne said...

I'm so happy that there are ways to give back to the schools and community with a simple grocery shopping trip!

Yvonne @

Allison Miller said...

This is awesome! Tyson recipes and a way to give back to schools. Pretty great!

LuckyRedHen said...

These look like REAL chicken, which is what I want to eat and feed my kids. Glad to know about this healthier nugget option!

Janet said...

Thank you for making my meal plan for next week with your round-up here! ;)

Vicky @ Mess For Less said...

So many great chicken ideas. Enough for a week including leftovers!

Julie Cohn said...

Your recipes all sound yummy! I love how Safeway gives back to the community-they are such an awesome company!