Keeping it Simple: Lakeland Furniture

Friday, August 16, 2013

Lakeland Furniture

Disclosure: This post is written in behalf of Lakeland Furniture, all opinions are 100% my own.

I am finally starting to learn from my mistakes.  In 10 years of marriage, we have had several different kinds of dining table and several different kinds of dining chairs.  When we were in college, we really just went with the cheapest we could find.  It was a table with 4 chairs that came in a box.  Well these were the chairs.  At that time we only had two kids too.  I couldn't even imagine what they would look like if we had 5 kids.  

I remember trying to clean them constantly.  We had some bar stools that had fabric on them too. Well then I got smarter and put some plastic on them so the fabric wouldn't stain.  It was a little better but I still had to replace the plastic every once in awhile and the food would get stuck in the cracks of the chair.  

After having fabric on my dining chairs and bar stools for so long, I have decided that they aren't worth it!  They are awful.  I wanted a dining set that didn't have fabric or metal involved.  So we got a wood table and chairs.  

There are so many different styles and types of dining chairs.  I checked out Lakeland Furniture, a company in the UK, and I loved all the different colors.  If you've seen my kitchen, you would know that I love bold and bright colors.  I have a bright yellow accent wall.  So all these fun chairs would go great in my house!

 They had a variety of plastic chairs, these would be great with kids.  So easy to just wipe down.  That yellow one is awesome and they had a ton of different colors too.

 ava dining chair orange Halo Plastic Dining Chair Red Philippe Starck Inspired Louis XV Smoke Ghost Chair Armchair

There was also a variety of bar stools.  The wood one looks so cool to me.
Antonio Citterio Reproduction Spoon Stool  Cannes Acrylic Bar Stool Clear opus kitchen bar stool light wood

Someday (when my kids are all under the age of 8) I am going to get some nice leather furniture.  These leather dining chairs are so fun!  I could imagine a long rectangle table with these leather chairs around it, the black ones and then the fun red ones at the end.   
Belgravia Black Bicast Leather Scroll Top Dining Chair Chelsea Red Faux Leather Scroll Top Dining ChairCircles Dining Side Chair Green 
Zee Black Faux Leather Dining Chair Ripple Modern White Faux Leather Swivel Dining Chair naples red dining chairs

If you're in the need of new dining chairs, you really should check out Lakeland Furniture.  They have some really fun and unique styles.