Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Magnetic Board

I have had this magnetic board for a really long time.  I think that I have painted it at least three different times to match my décor.  In my family room, I wanted to go with vines/leaves, so I wanted to put them on the board.  I really like how it turned out (even if it wasn’t exactly how I pictured it in my head).
magnetic board
This is how I did it:
The first thing I did was painted it white (it was red before).  I bought this magnetic board but you could easily make it, using this tutorial for the frame and then a piece of sheet metal. 
magnetic board (4)
I then did a layer of green paint. I wanted it to be lighter, I was going for tone on tone so I didn’t put a thick coat on, just enough to cover the white. 
magnetic board (5)
Using my Cricut, I cut the vines out of white vinyl.
magnetic board (6)
I put the vinyl onto the frame.  Using the scraper tool, I made sure there wasn’t any air bubbles and that paint wouldn’t get under it. 
magnetic board (7)
Here it is with all the vinyl. 
magnetic board (8)
I then put on another coat of green paint. 
magnetic board (9)
Using my hook tool, I carefully took off the vinyl.  This is where it didn’t turn out exactly how I expected.  The vinyl took off the green paint.  I was hoping for a lighter green for the leaves.  But then I really liked the look of the white with the green in it, so I was happy that the paint came off a little bit. 
magnetic board (10)
I stuck it on the wall, made some flower magnets and added some pictures. 
magnetic board (1)
I love how it turned out!
magnetic board (2)
I made the flowers out of felt using this tutorial
magnetic board (3)

I would love it if you followed along.


Milena Yancheva said...

Wow! Looks great! Thanks for the tutorial!