Friday, September 6, 2013

Baby Boy Outfit

This post was posted on TRR blog, but in case you missed it there, I’ll share it with you here.
I have been wanting to make a little outfit for my little baby.  The Ribbon Retreat has some of the BEST boy fabric!  I love it so much, such a great selection.
Baby boy outfit
I got the Riley Blake Cruiser Blvd line, I absolutely loved the colors and designs.  The amount of fabric depends on what size you need to make.  For the shorts I used about 12" of the yard and for the applique, I used about 6" for both.  Fat quarters would be great for that.
I also got the heat bond paper and elastic there too. And then I just bought an onesie. 
Baby boy outfit (2)
This is how I made it:
For the shorts, I took an pair of shorts and folded them in half.  Then I placed the side onto the fabric, which is folded.
Baby boy outfit (3)
I cut around the shorts about one inch and then 2 to 3 inches bigger at the top (for the elastic).
Baby boy outfit (4)
I cut two pieces.  Then I placed the front together and then pinned it.  I tried my hardest to align up the stripes. 
Baby boy outfit (5)Baby boy outfit (7)
Next I sewed the crotch together, stopping right before the legs.
Baby boy outfit (8)
I then moved the fabric and matched up the legs.  I pinned it and sewed it together.  Make sure you back stitch a few times right at the crotch, that's where it wears out quickly.
Baby boy outfit (10)Baby boy outfit (11)
Next I folded the top down and then cut a slit in the back of the shorts.  Then I sewed it at the very bottom.  Next I inserted the elastic, pinning one side onto the shorts, so it doesn't move.  The measurement is how big your baby's waist is.  Measure loosely, you don't want it to be too tight on their little tummies.
Baby boy outfit (12)Baby boy outfit (13)
Once the elastic was through, I put them together and sewed it together.  Make sure not to get the fabric in the front of the shorts.
Baby boy outfit (15)
That's it for the shorts.  Now for the onesie.
I cut out a piece of fabric and the same size of the heat n bond paper. Then I ironed the fabric onto the rough side of the paper.
Baby boy outfit (17)
Baby boy outfit (18)
I used a electronic cutter to cut the fabric but you can easily do it with scissors too.  I then ironed the shapes onto the onesie.
Baby boy outfit (19)
Next I sewed the shapes on with my sewing machine.  This was the trickiest part, I always end up sewing the onesie together :)
Baby boy outfit (20)
And that's it!  A super cute boy outfit!
Baby boy outfit (21)
Isn't my little boy so cute in it? 
Baby boy outfit (30)
I would love it if you followed along.