Thursday, September 26, 2013

PomTree Kid Crafts

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I absolutely love to do crafts with my kids.  It seems like lately that is all that I have been doing.  It's one of my passions.  But sometimes it's not the easiest thing to do.  When I have an idea there is usually quite a bit of prep that I need to do.  I have to cut things out, get the supplies all together and by the time I get those things done, they are sometimes "done".  They don't want to do it anymore, or the baby wakes up and I have to feed him.  Sometimes I just want to use a kit that has everything all ready.  So when we are ready to create, they don't have to wait on me and we can just start creating.  PomTree has kits are perfect for just that!   
pomtree kids play house
They have little craft kits that have everything you need to create and they don't use glue (woohoo!!).  They also have tubs of stickers and other kinds of fun crafty things.  My daughter and I put together the little market play set.

pomtree kids play house (2)
This is how we put it together:
First we put the walls into the base.  They just "snap" into place.  Even my little girl could do it.
pomtree kids play house (4)
Then we put on the roof, awning and the floor.  
pomtree kids play house (6)
Then we made the little foam furniture.  Seriously, how cute is that table and chairs?!
pomtree kids play house (7)
Then we got to decorate the little market with stickers and foam.  
pomtree kids play house (8)
Once we were done, I just let them play.  It was so much fun watching them place.  I wished that I could have video taped it, they were saying the cutest things as they pretended to go shopping.
pomtree kids play house (11)
The inside is fun too!  That little couch is my favorite, love the plaid design.  
pomtree kids play house (13)
They both had so much fun playing with it and I had fun making it with them.  It was so nice that everything was there and I didn't have to cut or measure anything :).  

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VColeman said...

So Cute, looking for something like this for the grandkids! Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

Britni said...

This looks like something JJ would love when she is a little older.

~Wenddie~ said...

So cool where did you get these sets?

Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

any of these products look like fun but the one you demonstrated looks great!

toyboxplayground said...

These are really cute! My kids would love these.