Saturday, September 7, 2013

Snacktime Fun with #LunchablesJr

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Snacktime is a must at our house.  My older boys get up and have to get on the bus by 7:15, so we have breakfast before 7:00.  And then my husband doesn't come home for lunchtime until 12:30, so it's a really long time for my two younger kids go to without food.  They really get hungry and desperately need something to eat. So around 11, we have snacktime rather than just letting them run into the pantry and get whatever they find.   I want to feed them something that is good for them and will help have energy to play, so one day they got Lunchables Jr.  It has the much needed protein that they need, plus some yummy crackers and fruit in them.

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Lunchables just launched a new product in July called #LunchablesJr.  It's exclusively at Walmart and located at the baby food aisle.  It's perfect for busy kids, like mine.  They are made with different varieties of crackers, fruits and dips.  Like TEDDY GRAHAMS, creamy peanut butter and real dried fruit.  They come in 4 different combos.  I love how easy they are for on the go, we are in the car a ton traveling from school or to the store and so it's nice to hand my kids these for snacktime.  For my whole shopping experience, check out my google+ album.
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I let my kids try the Teddy Bear Picnic (what a fun name!) and they loved them!  They loved that there were little bears in them.  They had fun playing pretend with them.  They had the peanut butter be a little swimming pool.  My son tried to have the bear "dive" into the peanut butter from way up high.  The dried fruit was a huge hit too.  Especially for me, I stole some from them.
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The peanut butter was nice and creamy, they really had fun dipping the TEDDY GRAHAMS into it.
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One of my favorite ways to teach my kids is singing with them and acting it out.  So to the tune of "The Ants Go Marching" we made up a fun song "The Bears Go Marching.".  It sure made snacktime a lot funner than just handing them their food :).  Plus as we continued the song, it taught them some counting and rhyming!  
I would love it if you followed along.


Mel Outnumbered said...

How cute! I bet my son would love to make the bear dive in too!