Monday, November 4, 2013

Alpha-Bits Coloring Page #alphabits

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I have a 4 year old and an almost 3 year old.  I love this age because they are full of life and are so excited about learning.  My 4 year old is in preschool and whenever he comes home from school he is so excited to talk about the letter he learned that day.  We are constantly talking about letters in our house, so I am excited for anything that helps me teach my kids their letters. I wanted to do a fun activity for them that they could work on matching their letters.  So I made a coloring page and then let them use the letters from the Alpha-Bits cereal to match with the words.
alphabits coloring page
I used my mad drawing skills (amazing, huh?) and drew up a few fall related things for them to color and then the words to match with the cereal.  Here's a free printable if you want to do the same.
alphabits coloring page (1)
They colored it and then they went through the letters and got to tell me what the letter was and where it was on the page.
alphabits coloring page (4)
It was a fun activity and a great snack too!  It is really yummy cereal, I was snacking too.
alphabits coloring page (10)
Alpha-Bits made for a great activity and snack for us but it's also makes for a great breakfast.  It has 20g whole grain and 12 vitamins and minerals, like iron and zinc.  Perfect to start the off with.

alphabits coloring page (6)
Alpha-Bits cereal was fun to play with, what kid doesn't love to play with their food?  :)  Plus they were learning and it was a fun bonding time for me and my kids. I even sat down and colored a page myself.  It's amazing how relaxing it is.

 What kind of activities do you like to do to help teach the letters with your kids?
I would love it if you followed along.


Theresa said...

Such a cute idea for the kids when learning pinned to my education board, but looks like yummy fun! Dropping in from FB DBB stop by sometime if you can. Theresa @DearCreatives

Marion@Life Tastes Good said...

Very cute idea! Alpha-bits is so fun!

Janell K said...

Our kids like to do the same thing with our letter shaped pretzels and letter cheeze-its :)

Britni Vigil said...

I'm so impressed that you drew those coloring pages, I honestly thought you printed them out. This is a really cute idea!

Sarah Vanderkooy said...

This is a cute idea, I will be trying this with my almost 3 year old. She is so eagar to learn letters and start putting them together. Thanks!