Thursday, November 21, 2013

Getting some #SeriousSleep with Dohmie

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We breed non-sleepers at our house.  My kids are at least 1 year old before they start sleeping through the night. And some of my kids have stopped taking naps at 18 months (it's awful).  My baby sleeps pretty well through the night, he wakes up once and then go back to sleep. But during the day it's a different story.  He will only take 20 minute naps and it's awful.  It's not all his fault though, it's his older brother and sister.  They are crazy and loud and my poor Koy gets woken up and doesn't go back to sleep.  It makes for long days for me and him.  It's even worse during the holiday season, with the traveling and the stressful time.  

 I've heard of white noise machines before and I've heard that they help with babies, but I personally cannot stand the idea of birds chirping, water running or the sounds of the rain forest.  They would annoy me.

This sleep machine is different.  Rather than sounds of animals, Dohmie has a sound like a fan blowing.  Much better!  Plus it has a continuous sound that helps the baby sleep better.
dohmie sleeping machine #serioussleep
Isn't a sleeping baby one of the sweetest sites in the world?  I just love my baby when he's sleeping!  He looks so sweet. 
dohmie sleeping machine (6)
The first time I put him down for a nap, I put him in his crib and then turned on the machine on low.  Remember how I said that he normally only sleeps for 20-30 minutes.  He slept for 2 hours!  It was so great!  The other kids were playing in the room next to him too (and being very loud) and he slept through the whole thing.
dohmie sleeping machine (5)
I just placed it right by his crib and shut the door.  The next day he took a 3 hour nap!  We were both much happier than when he only takes short naps.
dohmie sleeping machine (7)

What's really nice about the Dohmie is that it's small and light weight, so it's easy to bring when you travel.  Perfect for the holidays coming up and all the traveling.  I know when we go somewhere, this is going to be coming with us.  Especially when we are in a hotel, I think that it will help everyone sleep better.  It would also make a great gift too for Christmas, for anyone who likes sleep ;).  If you or baby could use some #SeriousSleep I would definitely check out this sleeping machine.

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