Thursday, November 21, 2013

Getting your Daily Fruit Intake with #FruitsMax

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Fruit.  I love fruit.  But I rarely get the recommended amount each day.  And my kids don't either.  I try hard to get them to eat the healthy things but sometimes it just doesn't happen.  It's especially hard when it's winter when fruit isn't easily available and when it's super expensive.  Luckily for all of us, there are other options, like FruitsMax
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Dinner time at our house is sometimes a hassle.  It's hard enough to get a main dish that everyone likes (even pizza doesn't fly at our house) but then to try to get everyone to eat a side dish like fruit and veggies it is almost impossible for my kids.  We had manicotti one night, see how happy my son is about eating it?  Well that was before I tried to give everyone corn.  I did not stage this picture, I put it on my 4 year old's plate and he immediately threw the corn onto the table....
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I love the idea of giving my family a supplement for our fruits.  It is easy and quick!  Plus it has 21 different fruits and L. Acidophilus probiotics (it's a bacteria that promotes growth of the good bacteria and kills the bad bacteria).  It also has 12 vitamins and 11 minerals in each tablet.  It's made with only fruits and tastes really good (kinda like fruit leather).  It also helps with your immune system.
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I have given it to my kids and they seem to enjoy it. They liked the taste of it.  It's just nice to know that they are getting the fruits that they need (now to work on those veggies...).  
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I have really enjoyed FruitsMax for myself.  Right now I am dieting and although fruit is super yummy and healthy, they have lots of calories and to get my daily intake I would be eating more calories than I would like.  These are only 3 calories a piece, I can handle that :).  I also like that you are getting nutrients of several fruits that I don't normally get.  The only fruits that we get right now are apples, bananas and oranges and sometimes strawberries.  FruitsMax have many more different fruits.  

They are also cost effective.  Each tablet only costs around $.58 and if you take 2 a day like it's recommended then it would only be $1.16 for 2 cups of fruit.  Most likely fruit would cost more than $1.16 for the same amount.  For me it's really nice because I live 45 minutes away from a chain store and so it's hard to get fresh fruit everyday.  Plus when I do get to the store, the prices are pretty high.  

You should check out FruitsMax and see if your family can benefit from it.  Right now you can get you first bottle for free, just pay shipping and handling.  Plus if you sign up for a subscription you can get an additional 15% off.  For more information and to keep up to date, follow FruitsMax on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+.  

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