Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mini Calzones

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I enjoy cooking but I don't like to spend two hours in the kitchen before the meal.  I mean, seriously, who has the time for that? I sure don't.   So when I cook I enjoy taking short cuts.  I use a ton of frozen and refrigerated foods in my cooking. It's so nice because they use real food and fresh produce. One of my favorite things to use is frozen dough.  Not for just rolls (these are amazing by the way) but for dough.  

I used the dough to make some super yummy mini calzones.  These were a huge hit!
Mini Calzones
These is what you'll need:
Frozen rolls dough
Pizza sauce
Mozzarella shredded cheese
Any other toppings you would like

Mini Calzones (1)
1) Thaw out the rolls according to the package (I had them out for 3-4 hours) and roll them out.
2) Add the sauce and toppings to the dough.

Mini Calzones (2)
3) Fold the dough over the toppings and pressed the dough together.  Use a little water to help it stay together.
4) Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes or until golden brown. 
Mini Calzones (3)
I served it with some frozen mixed veggies (another frozen food I love to use!).  
Mini Calzones (5)

National Frozen & Refrigerated Food Association  (NFRA) has several websites to help with mealtime inspiration.  Frozen meals are becoming more and more popular now, including Asian and Hispanic cuisine.  I know that I have been enjoying frozen meals more and more lately.  Especially ones that you can cook the meal in the container so you don't even have to dirty a dish, so nice and convenient.  

Now that the holidays are coming, frozen food is a great way to help with your meal planning.  Like using frozen green beans for green bean casserole or using the freezer rolls for rolls.  Or using whip topping in a dessert or hash browns and make funeral potatoes. There are so many pies or casseroles that are frozen that would be perfect for Thanksgiving dinner.  Not everything has to be made from scratch.  There are so many frozen foods that will make things so much easier and quicker!  That's why I love them they are #HolidayHelper.  

What are you some of your favorite frozen foods to use in your cooking and holiday planning?

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