Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Print and cut tag

The Silhouette has the most amazing features and can do so many things than just cut out vinyl, fabric, card stock and chip board.  It has a print and cut feature that is so cool.  I use it all the time. 
print and cut feature
This is how I made it:
In Silhouette Studio, I found a fun design.  I opened it up and then I filled it with a color.
print and cut
Then I clicked on the tab to mark the registration marks.  This is how you do the print and cut feature.  I then resized the words and put circles and frames around them.
print and cut2

I printed them onto the printable foil.
print and cut feature (1)
I loaded the foil into the Silhouette.
print and cut feature (2)
Then I made sure the words did cut (you can do that by clicking on the scissors tab or by deleting them).  Then I detected the registration marks.
print and cut3
I set the settings to the printable foil (blade 5, thickness 33) and then it out.  It's so cool to watch it cut where it's suppose to!
print and cut feature (3)
Here are the tags all cut out.
print and cut feature (4)
I peeled off the foil and stick it onto a mason jar.  Put some hot chocolate in it, baker's twine and a cute lid and straw.  Super easy gift that anyone would enjoy!
print and cut feature (5)

I would love it if you followed along.


Britni Vigil said...

Thanks! I really needed a new mat and blade so this is perfect.