Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Be Prepared for Your Next Party with Nestle #PlanAhead

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It's the holiday season and it starting to get CRAZY!  Just this week we have a church activity one night, the school Christmas program another night and then the rest of our normal activities.  The two nights that we have things I am going to have to have dinner on the table at 5:00pm (it's a 30 minute drive anywhere).  Most likely I am going to rely on some freezer food.  I actually love to have my freezer stocked with different kinds of freezer foods, so when I don't feel like cooking, we can still eat something yummy.  

It's also nice to have freezer meals on hand for when I want to entertain.  We love to have families over for dinner but a lot of times we decide to do it that morning and a lot of times it is on Sunday.  Since we don't go shopping on Sundays (even if we did, our little grocery store is closed on Sundays) I have to have things on hand and #PlanAhead.  In my freezer I have lots of pizza and party sized lasagna and mac and cheese.  And you can't go wrong to be stocked up with ice cream, even in the winter.  
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One of our all time favorite frozen meals is pizza.  We love Digiorno pizza and have several kinds.  It seems like that's our meal on Fridays.  I paired this pepperoni pizza with some homemade bread sticks and corn on the cob and it was an easy meal.  And a huge hit!
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I love the crust on Digiorna pizza, it's so big and fluffy.
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My kids always love it when we have a special treat after dinner.  We got to enjoy the peppermint wonderland ice cream from Dreyer's.  It was yummy!
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I found all the Nestle products in the freezer section at Walmart.  The holiday ice cream was on the end cap.
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If you need some great holiday treats this season, check out this digital magazine for some inspiration and to see some more Nestle products.  
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Christy Gossett said...

Digiorno is my family's all time favorite frozen pizza. We especially loved the stuff-crust varieties. I keep them on hand for those nights that I just don't feel like cooking. And I'm going to have to find that ice cream. Looks wonderful! #client

Kristin Wheeler said...

It's always good to be prepared for family and friends during the holidays! #client